Home Remodeling Crash Course: What I Learned the Hard Way

Consider These Ideas To Increase The Fanciness Of Your Dining Room

Remodeling your home's dining room can quickly turn it into one of your favorite spaces in the entire home. Even if you don't use this room daily, you'll appreciate being able to make some changes that make it feel fancier. This way, whenever you're getting ready to host a gathering at your home, you'll be proud to have people sit down at your dining room table and appreciate their surroundings. Speak to a remodeling contractor who has experience working in dining rooms; ideally, he or she will be able to show you a portfolio of past projects. Here are some ideas that you might want:

Hardwood Flooring

Although hardwood flooring can work well in several rooms throughout your home, it's a must if you want to increase the fanciness of your dining room. Sleek and elegant, this style of flooring lends itself well to this space not only because of its appearance, but also because of its functionality — in the event of some spilled food, it's easy to wipe the hardwood clean without worrying about lasting damage. The color of hardwood flooring that you choose should suit your sense of style and match the overall look of the room, but dark brown or burgundy hues work well to add grandeur to this room.

Crown Molding

Going from the floor to the ceiling, crown molding is another addition to the dining room that you may wish to consider. This thick type of trim, which is affixed to the tops of the walls directly beneath the ceiling, is common in high-end homes and can work well in your dining room. While wood is traditional, you can often cut corners by opting for crown molding made of MDF or another engineered product. It's less expensive, and once it has a coat of paint on it, it's difficult to differentiate from wood.

Upgraded Lighting

Any regal dining room should also have fancy lighting, so it may be time to look at the current lighting situation in this part of your home and consider some upgrades. A chandelier-style light is common in high-end dining rooms, and while many people think of a traditional chandelier, you can also go with something more modern if you favor a modern design style throughout your home. Recessed overhead lights can also be nice; for example, if you have a china cabinet in a corner, a recessed light over it can brighten the dishes you have on display inside of the cabinet.

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