Home Remodeling Crash Course: What I Learned the Hard Way

Prioritize Environment-Friendly Options When Getting New Cabinets For Your Home

Most homeowners are familiar with cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms, but they are also useful in the garage, laundry room, and pantry. You may live in an old home with parts that have been updated and others that are still decades old, such as the cabinets. So, you may be planning to replace them, but you also want to invest in the most environmentally friendly options.

If you intend on adding new cabinets to your home, you will have a lot of planning to do because you need to figure out the locations and measurements of the cabinets. When you are just replacing old cabinets, you can use the existing dimensions and start shopping around.


The wood that you choose will have a major impact on being eco-friendly. While you can prioritize avoiding woods that are on endangered lists, you can take it a step further by using in reclaimed wood for your cabinets. This means using wood that was previously used, which is excellent because it does not require any new trees to be cut down to build these cabinets.


The finish of the cabinets is another detail worth considering when ordering new cabinets. You want a finish because it will protect the cabinets and can give a shine to the cabinets.

While you have options ranging from low to high on an environmental impact scale, you cannot go wrong with water-based sealers. Opting for low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is ideal. A cabinet expert should be able to help you with choosing a water sealer for your new cabinets.


After covering the wood and the finish, you can start looking at the hardware. Buying brand-new hardware from a home improvement store is not the greatest option. You can do better by looking at thrift stores or even antique stores and picking from the unique hardware selection.

This means you will likely want to go for standard hardware measurements with the cabinets. This will allow you to fit most hardware that you find in stores without modifications. When you work with cabinet professionals, you should request that they provide you with the hardware measurements so that you can start shopping for knobs and pulls while the cabinets are made.

Prioritizing environmentally friendly products still allows you to have beautiful cabinets in your home, especially when you get creative with choosing details such as the wood and hardware. Contact a company like Big John's Closeouts for more information and assistance. 

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