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Reasons To Use Chicken Wire Cabinet Doors In Your Kitchen

If you're looking to dramatically change the appearance of your kitchen, focusing on your cabinets is a good start. One style that you might wish to adopt is the "chicken wire" style. This term describes cabinets that have chicken wire-style metal instead of glass. While some homeowners may actually use chicken wire, other use metal that simply looks like this type of farmland fencing, and it gives the kitchen cabinets and the space overall a unique appearance. If you're thinking about this type of design, it's useful to browse a series of photos that illustrate different examples of chicken wire cabinet doors. Here are some reasons that you might wish to implement this look.

They Give The Space An Open Feel

Small kitchens can often look and feel cramped, which is less than ideal, given the busy nature of this part of your home. Using chicken wire cabinet doors instead of solid doors, however, can be useful for creating more of an open feel in the kitchen. Even though the cabinet doors have a barrier of chicken wire across them, the doors don't feel as solid as if they were covered in wood, metal, or another material, and this leads to a pleasant, open feeling.

They Let You See Through

Some people like glass panels in their kitchen cabinets, as this look allows them to see what they're looking for, as well as display dishes, glassware, and other similar items. Going with a chicken wire appearance gives you a similar feel, but there's an added advantage. The pieces of wire slightly reduce your ability to fully see into the kitchen cabinets, which can be ideal if you want to block what you keep inside the cabinets to a slight degree. The chicken wire itself, in a sense, can become more of a focal point, rather than the items on the shelves.

They Suit A Rustic Decor Style

If you're interested in giving your kitchen a rustic design sense, there are few cabinet styles that are better suited to this type of look than those that contain chicken wire. Whether you live rurally and want to give your house the look of a farm-style homestead or you have a condo and favor a really rustic look inside, this type of cabinet finish will truly support this theme. Talk to a kitchen remodeling contractor like Interior Expressions for some ideas on implementing chicken wire cabinet doors in your renovation project.

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