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How To Keep Your New Fiber Cement Siding In Good Shape

Fiber cement siding is a popular choice for home renovations because of its visual appeal and low maintenance needs. It is made from wood pulp, sand, and cement, so it has the texture of real wood siding. However, the added cement and sand keep it from deteriorating as quickly as real wood. Even though fiber cement is durable and long lasting, you still need to maintain it properly to prolong its life and keep it looking good. Here are some things you'll want to do to take care of fiber cement siding if you have it placed on your home.

Help It Stay Dry

While rain and snow won't damage the siding, you want to keep moisture and dampness at bay so mold doesn't grow. One way to do that is to allow plenty of air circulation around the siding so it can dry out after a rain. Keep plants away from your house so they don't crowd the siding. Be careful about placing a storage locker, covered grill, or any other thing against the house that blocks airflow.

Another thing you'll want to do is keep up with gutter maintenance so water flows away from your house rather than run down the siding or collect against the last few rows of siding so they stay damp for long periods. Adding caulk also helps keep your siding dry. Fiber cement siding is attached to your home with nails, but caulk is also used to seal gaps around window and door frames. Check the caulk annually and replace it when needed so water doesn't leak into the cracks and get under the siding where it can't dry out.

Clean It With A Hose

Keep your siding looking good by cleaning it with a hose regularly. Depending on the amount of pollution and dust in the air where you live, you might have to hose off the siding about once a year. Your siding not only looks better when it's clean, washing can also prevent the buildup of mold and it may even prolong the life of your siding. Clean fiber cement with a garden hose and high pressure nozzle or a pressure washer on the low setting. You can also use a soft brush to remove stains, but only use cleaners recommended by the manufacturer of the siding.

Paint The Siding Every Few Years

Fiber cement doesn't need to be painted as often as real wood, but unlike vinyl siding, it does need to be painted occasionally. This gives you the chance to change the color of your home for a completely new look, or you can just paint it the same color. You can paint fiber cement siding when you want or you can wait until the color has faded. The manufacturer's guidelines will let you know when to expect it to be time for a new paint job. The timeline varies according to the brand of siding you buy and whether the paint was applied by the manufacturer.

When compared to wood siding, fiber cement is very easy to take care of. Since rodents and bugs are not attracted to it, it won't wear down as quickly as wood and need repairs as often. Fiber cement is an excellent alternative to wood when you want the look of wood but you don't want to spend a lot of time maintaining your home.

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