Home Remodeling Crash Course: What I Learned the Hard Way

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Additions To Consider For Your Design.

When people consider a kitchen remodel, they usually think about how the kitchen will look. You spend a lot of time deciding on cabinet color and style, along with matching countertops and tile backsplash. However, the right design of cabinets can also make using your kitchen so much easier. With custom cabinets, you can make some awesome specific additions that will make your kitchen a dream to work in. 

Here are some design additions you might want to consider when planning your new kitchen cabinets.

1. Built in spice racks.

If you don't like having to dig through a cupboard full of spices, consider having a rack installed on the inside of your cabinet door. This way, you have a place to store spices without having to buy additional storage containers for your spices in your cabinet. You can also have pull out space racks in upper drawer right next to the stove so you never have to travel far for seasoning. 

2. Vertical pull out drawers.

Have you ever wondered what to do with the skinny little cupboard next to the fridge or dishwasher. Instead of squeezing cutting boards and cookie sheets in this little cubby, consider installing a vertical pull drawer with shelves. This way, you can use the little cabinet to store stocks of cans, boxes of zip top bags and plastic wrap, or even boxes of herbal tea that normally clutter up your bigger pantry area. 

3. Pot drawers or in-cabinet hanging racks.

Many people like the idea of having pot drawer instead of deep cupboard for storing pots. These wide, deep drawers allow you to find pots easily, without having to dig. Another option, though, is to get an in-drawer pot hanger that allows you to hang skillets and lids by size, making organizing a dream. These hanging installations pull out of the cabinet, allowing you to access your desired put as easily as pulling a dress from your closet. 

4. Kick out floor drawers.

Instead of cabinets being raised off the floor with four or five inches of empty spaces, some people use this space to install kick out drawers. These are ideal for holding things like dog dishes, flat sheets for making pastries, or other hard-to-store paraphernalia.

You kitchen should work for you, and many custom kitchens can be made with your exact lifestyle in mind. Contact a local custom cabinet company for more ideas about completing your new kitchen. 

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