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Three Ways That Refinishing Your Bathtub Is Less Expensive Than Replacing It

Over time, your bathtub can begin to show signs of its age. Perhaps there are worn areas or maybe unsightly rust stains that you cannot scrub away no matter how hard you try are a visual turnoff. It's easy to think that replacing your tub is the only option, but you might be happy to learn that tub refinishing is an alternative choice to consider. Many remodeling professionals can refinish your tub in a short amount of time to truly give this bathroom fixture a brand-new appearance. Here are three ways that bathtub refinishing can save you money.

No Need To Buy A Tub

A bathtub can be one of the most expensive fixtures in your bathroom, which means that if you decide to replace it, you're looking at a hefty bill. Given the fact that the tub might be structurally sound, but just in need of a fresher appearance, the idea of having to replace the entire structure can be a bitter pill to swallow. Conversely, the materials that a contractor needs for refinishing a tub consist essentially of a special type of paint that the contractor will roll over the tub's surface. Although the cost of this product can vary, it pales in comparison to the cost of a new tub. 

Less Labor Involved

When you hire a remodeling contractor to work in your bathroom, you have to be mindful of how long your desired job will take. Replacing a bathtub is a significant project because there's not only the processes of removing the old tub and putting the new one in, but also a substantial amount of plumbing needed. This means that the contractor will understandably be at the job for a fair amount of time. Much less time is needed to refinish a tub — a few coats of the coating material, coupled with some sanding, are typically all that is needed. This means that you'll spend far less on labor costs.

No Involving Surrounding Elements

Removing a tub that is built into the bathroom can be a challenge. In some cases, parts of the floor, drywall, and wall tiles will need to be torn up to get the old tub out. You'll then be looking at spending more money, as these elements — which are often damaged during the process — will need to be replaced. A big cost-saving benefit of having your tub refinished is that the project won't compromise any of the surrounding elements.

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