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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Four New Uses For Your Pantry

If your kitchen pantry doesn't get a lot of use, you may want to consider transforming the space. A kitchen pantry can provide a variety of new uses, helping you to maximize every square foot of your home. Talk to your remodeling contractor, and consider these new uses for your old pantry.

Breakfast Nook

If your kitchen doesn't already have a space for casual family meals, consider transforming the pantry into a cozy breakfast nook. Remove the door from the hinges and frame the opening with molding for a finished look. You can have your remodeling contractor install booth-style seating and a wall-mounted table for this project. To prevent losing all of your extra storage space, have a row of custom cabinets installed along the ceiling to hold canned goods or other kitchen items.

Home Office

Your old pantry can also be a great place to create a small home office. A built-in counter can serve as the desktop, and wall-mounted shelving and cabinets above the desk can provide space for household bills, cookbooks, and other essentials. Add a fun finishing touch by using chalkboard paint on the wall. Your family can make notes, leave reminders, or add to the weekly grocery list by simply writing on the wall.

Children's Play Kitchen

If you have little ones who love to pretend to cook just like Mom and Dad, consider using your pantry as a fun play area. You can add pretend kitchen toys, such as a wooden refrigerator and stove, along with a kid-sized table and chairs to the pantry. Have your contractor install carpeting for a soft flooring surface and widen the opening to the pantry so you can keep an eye on your children while they play. Your contractor can also paint the space in vibrant colors and add extra lighting to the play area. Consider installing shelves or cabinets that your children can reach so they can put toys away when they are done playing.

Pet Feeding Station

Your pantry can also provide a great place for your pets to call their own. You can have your contractor install small shelves along the walls to create perches for cats, and he or she can also create a raised platform to hold food and water dishes for larger dogs. This space can also be used to store your pet food and supplies, so be sure to have a few cabinets installed up high on the wall. This placement will help prevent your pets from helping themselves to snacks and treats when you aren't around.

Remodeling your pantry for a different purpose is a great option if you already have ample storage space in your kitchen. If you want to get more use out of the pantry, talk to a remodeling contractor at a company like Sierra Remodeling & Home Builders Inc about these ideas to see which ones work best in your home.

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