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Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For Small Spaces: Four Options To Consider

When it comes to small kitchens, maximizing the available cabinet space is essential. With the help of your remodeling contractor, you can choose a kitchen cabinet layout that makes the most sense for your space. Here are just some of the many ideas to consider. 

Corner Drawers

Corner cabinets can sometimes feature awkward shapes, which can make keeping your space organized more challenging. Long shelves that extend far beyond your reach or super-slim cabinets that can't hold much of anything are some examples. Combat this issue by installing corner pullout drawers. These drawers prevent the issues of doors that can't open all the way or shelves that are inaccessible. Corner drawers are perfect for storing flatware or utensils, and deeper drawers on the bottom can be used for food items or pots and pans.

Floor-To-Ceiling Pantry Cabinet

Smaller kitchens may lack space for pantry items, which can lead to using multiple cabinets to organize food. Adding a floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinet can consolidate your food supply while freeing up more space in the rest of your cabinet line. You can install the pantry cabinets on an angle in the corner or at the edge of your counter. If you can spare the space, consider creating a break in the counter line for this cabinet to create extra visual interest in your space.

Under-Cabinet Shelving

Shallow shelving below the upper cabinets in your kitchen can help maximize space while keeping essentials close at hand. A row of this shelving along one wall can provide versatile storage for spice jars, dish soaps, and other frequently used items. You can also use the shelving to keep coffee cups close at hand next to your brewing machine. By placing these items under the cabinets, you can free up more space inside for larger items.

End Cabinet Shelving

You can make the most of the cabinets at the edges of your cabinets by having your remodeling contractor install a set of open shelves. These shelves offer handy storage for coffee mugs, bowls, and even snacks. The shelves should feature the same materials as the cabinets to create a cohesive look, though you can also choose tempered frosted glass to add a chic finishing touch.

Have your cabinet service draw a floor plan of your kitchen, and work together to see which unique elements will work best in your available space. With a little creativity, you can give a small kitchen plenty of storage for all your cooking and baking essentials.

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