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Live in a Small Home? Maximize Storage With Interior Design Service

If you are living in a small house with your family, you may know that you do not have a ton of room for storage because of the square footage throughout the place. Getting creative is an excellent way to get the most out of a small home, but you may not have the greatest execution.

When you want guaranteed results with maximizing storage in a small place, you could work with an interior designer. They could offer advice on how to boost your storage. 

1. Furniture

The kind of furniture that you use in your house will play a role in total storage. For instance, using an oversized recliner and sofa reduces how much space you have in a room for storage furniture, which makes it worth downsizing these pieces to ones that fit better into a small home. When you can make enough room in a living room, you can add a larger entertainment center as well as other storage furniture. If you need new furniture in general, you can rely on a professional to pick out multipurpose furniture that comes with useful storage compartments.

2. Layout

While the furniture that you use in a room will play a large role in storage capacity, you should not underestimate the importance of a strategic layout throughout the house. An interior designer will invest time and effort into each room's layout to maximize the possibility of adding new furniture and even setting up storage on the floor with a blanket basket or similar piece.

3. Walls

One of the most impactful ways that you can maximize storage in a small house is by utilizing the walls for storage. Normally, you may find homeowners using most of the wall space to set up decorations. While you should not hesitate to incorporate decorations along the walls, you should use an interior designer to prioritize storage and then work on appearance afterward.

If you are looking to add storage to walls from the floor to the ceiling in most areas, you can let an interior designer work their magic to strategically incorporate shelving. A combination of bookshelves and standalone shelves can bring a ton of storage to any room in your house.

While you may have grown accustomed to having minimal storage in a small home, you can look forward to changing this quality of your home when using an interior designer's services.

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