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Ideas For New Cabinets When You Have A Small Bathroom

Choosing bathroom cabinets is a lot like picking out kitchen cabinets. You have similar choices with the ability to have custom cabinets made. One difference between the two cabinets is that bathroom cabinets need to withstand humidity and moisture. Another difference is the bathroom space is smaller, so you have to be more careful with your selection. Here are some ideas for choosing new bathroom cabinets for a small bathroom.

Plan The Vanity Space

When it comes to the cabinets and drawers in a vanity, you have to decide if you want floor space or storage space. If you have a small bathroom, you might want to invest in a custom vanity so you get the features you want in the smallest space. Since the vanity is an important functional piece, you may want to plan its size and placement first and then figure out where to put your storage cabinets next.

Consider Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets work well in small bathrooms because they don't take up floor space. You still have plenty of room under the cabinet for a trash basket or towel stand. A wall-mounted bathroom cabinet could fit over your toilet and provide extra storage space without taking up any of the room you need to move around in the bathroom, so a wall cabinet might even be an ideal choice for a tiny bathroom.

Wall cabinets with a lower open shelf are particularly useful in the bathroom since you can store things on the shelf you use often and want to grab easily. Wall cabinets can even have towel bars along the bottom so you don't need to install a separate bar.

Add A Floor-To-Ceiling Cabinet

When you don't have much room for cabinets, think about going up rather than out. You can buy tall, narrow linen cabinets that hold a lot of towels and personal items due to their height. You may even want a custom floor-to-ceiling cabinet made so you can utilize every inch of space.

Buying a custom cabinet allows you to choose the width so you can squeeze the cabinet between the sink and door or between the sink and toilet. You could even have a floor-to-ceiling cabinet on each side of your sink that matches your vanity.

Before you get too far along in choosing your bathroom cabinets, take careful measurements of your bathroom and draw out a floor plan so you can see where everything is in the room and how much space you have between permanent items like the tub and toilet. Then think about how much storage you need. You might want lots of cabinets and drawers, but you might prefer a less cluttered look so your bathroom has more space.

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