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Reasons To Choose Fiber Cement Siding For Your Exterior Remodel

Remodeling the exterior of your home is a big project. Thankfully, your contractors will do most of the work in most cases. But as the homeowner, you still need to choose colors and materials. When it comes time to select siding for your home, you'll do well to consider a material called fiber cement, which is sold by James Hardie and similar brands. Here are a few reasons why fiber cement siding is a great choice for your exterior remodel.

1. The color won't fade.

Fiber cement siding is colored as it is made, and the coloring materials used are specifically designed not to fade. As such, your home will be the same color in 10 years as it is when you first install the siding. You won't get bleached-out areas as you may with vinyl or aluminum siding. And, if you ever need to have the home repaired, the new siding used to make the repairs will be the same color as the siding that's already on your home. You won't see a mismatch between the faded siding and the new siding.

2. The siding won't become brittle in winter.

If you live in an area with cold winters, then you've probably seen homes with cracked and chipped vinyl and aluminum siding. This happens because these siding materials become brittle when cold. Fiber cement does not have this issue. It remains strong and viable even when cold, and it doesn't rot when snowed on in the winter, either.

3. The siding won't invite pests to your home.

Termites and wood bees love wooden siding. Even some raccoons and squirrels may find ways to nest behind wood siding if it starts to rot. Since fiber cement siding is so resistant to rot, this is not an issue. You won't have to call an exterminator to come de-bug your siding or worry about spraying it with pesticides.

4. The siding comes with a good warranty.

Companies that make fiber cement siding — like James Hardie — tend to stand behind their products with great warranties. This way, you know if anything happens to your siding in the coming years, it will be covered. It's nice not to have surprise repair bills, especially when you've just spent a lot of money remodeling.

When engaging in residential remodeling of your home's exterior, always pay close attention to materials. Fiber cement really is the way to go for your siding.

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