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Creating A Custom Accessible Shower In Your Home

Whether you are concerned about aging in place or you are the caregiver for a loved one, adding an accessible shower to your home can make life easier for your whole household. When planning out the bathroom remodel to include an accessible shower, there are lots of different features to consider. Use the following suggestions to create a space that works for everyone in your family. 

Custom Half Shower Doors

A custom shower door can help with accessibility. Half shower doors reach from the floor to about halfway up the bathroom wall. This unique design makes it easier for you to assist a loved one with showering, and the low-profile shape can also help combat feelings of claustrophobia that might come with a full shower enclosure. Work with your remodeling contractor to add a double door for possible wheelchair or walker access. The doors should open out to make leaving the shower area simple. Consider creating a railing at the top of the doors for added assistance when entering or leaving the shower enclosure. 

Handheld Showerhead

A handheld showerhead can make bathing easier for those with mobility issues. They eliminate the need for standing in the shower, and the simple design makes it easy for caregivers to assist with daily care. Look for a model that features adjustable water pressure settings, as this can help you find the ideal setting for everyone's comfort level. The showerhead should also have an extended reach so you can easily help your relative rinse away soap from head to toe. 

Barrier-Free Threshold

For some, even a slight step into the shower can present a challenge. As part of your custom shower setup, as your contractor to create a barrier-free entrance. This means the tile of the shower floor sits even with the rest of the bathroom floor. Your custom shower door should be installed to ensure water doesn't seep from the shower into the rest of the bathroom, so be sure to include this in the discussions for the remodel. If a completely flush entrance is not possible, determine if a slight ramp can be added instead of a small step. 

Nonslip Shower Floor

Slips and falls in the shower can pose a serious hazard, so it's important to consider the flooring when remodeling your shower for accessibility. Nonslip tiles with gripped or textured surfaces help keep feet firmly planted in place, even when covered in water and suds. Fortunately, these tiles are available in an array of designs, so you don't have to compromise on style or safety. If the gripped tile isn't enough, you can also add nonslip tape or a removable slip-resistant shower mat for an added layer of safety. 

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