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Three Variations To Consider For A Checkerboard Tile Floor

A black and white checkerboard tile floor can add a classic look to several different areas of your home. You might favor this look in a kitchen, a foyer, or another part of the residence. While some people are happy with a traditional-looking checkerboard tile floor, others may want a custom variation on this classic look. There are all sorts of different options for you to consider if you favor making your tile floor look a little more unique. Browse a local tile store to learn about your product options, and then talk with your installer about the custom look that you want. Here are three variations that might appeal to you.

Slightly Different Colors

If you find that pure black and white tiles offer too bold of a look for you, there's nothing wrong with choosing slightly different colors that will still give you an appealing checkerboard look. For example, you might favor off-white tiles in favor of pure white and dark gray tiles in favor of black. There's nothing wrong with choosing a completely different look, too. For example, if you want the floor to have a darker appearance — something that can work well in a home theater space — you might choose gray tiles and black tiles.


Another variation to consider for your checkerboard tile floor is to install a border around it. Checkerboard floors typically run from wall to wall, but the addition of a border made of different tiles can add a lot of style to your floor. Your local tile store will have all sorts of tiles that can complement the main tiles that you use for this design. For example, you might favor small, rectangular black and white tiles that your installer can arrange around the perimeter of the room in a stylish pattern.

Smaller Tiles

The tiles in checkerboard floors are traditionally large, but going with smaller tiles can give you a unique look while still allowing you to enjoy the checkerboard effect. Your tile store has black and white square tiles in all sorts of different sizes, so you have numerous options to consider. One idea is to use four tiles to create the look of one larger tile. For example, four 6-inch square tiles placed in a square will give you the look of a 12-inch square tile. The additional grout lines through this design compared to using 12-inch tiles can create a stylish, custom look that you enjoy.

For more information on custom tile installation, contact a professional near you.

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