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6 Ways To Make A Room More Exciting With Custom Wall Tile

Wall tile is always a great way to give a room a little extra visual appeal. However, using custom wall tile techniques can take this idea to another level. If you're trying to devise a way to employ tiles creatively, consider these 6 possibilities.


The artwork on the tiles can come together to create a mural. For example, an ethnic restaurant might use a mural to present the story of the owners' culture artistically and entertainingly. You might create a mural to celebrate your city or country, too. May the mural will say something about your industry or interests. If you want to create some visual excitement, tell a story with a mural.


Especially in relatively sparse modernist or contemporary spaces, a little contrast can give a room a lot of pop. If you have a very white bathroom in your house, for example, dark wall tile can create a strong contrast and lots of interest.


Sometimes the oldest tricks are amongst the best ones. Especially when it comes to using custom wall tile to make a statement, there's a lot to be said for mosaic designs. Staggering tiles with different colors and tones can make a design come to life. Particularly if you're struggling to find an artistic theme for your use of wall tile, a mosaic is a good way to get stylistic without overthinking things.


Custom means custom when it comes to the modern wall tile creation process. If you want to add distinctive patterns to the tiles, that's entirely possible. This includes creating large shapes that use colors and contrasts to generate interest. You can go as abstract as you want, too. That makes this another appealing choice for folks who might not have clear artistic goals in mind for their custom wall tile projects.


You can spell things out with custom tiles, too. Lettering is great for playful or practical reasons, also. You might spell out words to play on a theme. For example, a community center could celebrate a town's historical figures using letter tiles. Similarly, you could use letters on the tiles to spell out directions and identify locations within a building.

Brand and Logos

Custom wall tile solutions also allow you to do branding with symbols. You might want to incorporate your company's logo on some tiles and spread them throughout the space. You also can use tiles to advertise products, services, and brands in a playful fashion. 

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