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Benefits Of A Home Walk-In Bathtub And An Overview Of The Installation Process

If it's getting difficult for you to get in and out of your tub, you should look into getting a home walk-in bathtub. These are much safer when you have strength or mobility issues since you just walk into the tub and you don't have to lower or raise your body up from the floor. Here are some benefits of a walk-in tub and some things to know about getting one installed.

Benefits Of A Walk-In Bathtub

One of the main benefits of a walk-in tub is that you can soak in it. When it gets difficult to use your regular tub, you might just give up soaking and use the shower. If you're someone who loves to soak in a tub of hot water, that could leave you unhappy. When you switch your tub to a walk-in tub, you can continue to take daily soaks to help your pain or just to relax you.

A walk-in tub usually has more features than a standard tub. You can get one with water jets so you can have a water massage while you soak. Your tub may also have a shower attachment, quick drains, and grab bars for safety.

Since a walk-in tub is easy to use, getting one might mean you can stay in your home rather than moving in with family or going to assisted living so you can maintain proper hygiene.

Installation Of A Home Walk-In Bathtub

Installing a walk-in tub can be a major undertaking, and it requires a licensed plumber. You can have your old tub removed and the walk-in tub installed in its place or you can put the walk-in tub elsewhere. The tub needs access to plumbing and electricity.

The size of your bathroom might determine if you'll keep your old tub or get rid of it. Walk-in tubs can be large and take up a lot of space, so you'll want to make sure your new tub will fit before you buy one.

However, a home walk-in bathtub will generally fit in the same space that's required for an old tub, so if you have a standard tub in your bathroom now, a walk-in bathtub will probably fit once the old tub is gone. Putting the walk-in tub where the old one also makes it easier to hook up to plumbing connections since they'll be right behind the wall.

Installing a walk-in tub shouldn't take too long. Removing the old tub and putting in the new one might be completed in a single day as long as the plumber doesn't run into difficulty or have to run new plumbing lines or a new drain.

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