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5 Ways To Update The Work Triangle For Modern Kitchens

The kitchen work triangle is a cornerstone of good kitchen design. This triangle — traditionally consisting of the sink, stovetop, and refrigerator — facilitates efficient work, minimizes wasted steps, and keeps everything handy. But is the traditional work triangle still relevant for modern kitchen use and styles? It can be, especially if you update it to tailor it to your lifestyle. Here are a few ways to do this.

1. Customize the Triangle. While the traditional kitchen triangle utilizes the most commonly used, it's not the only choice. Perhaps you don't use your stovetop as much as a separate range. Or maybe you have two sinks and find the cleanup sink to be more important when you cook. Whatever boosts your effectiveness is a good choice for your particular design. 

2. Add More Triangles. Large kitchens can often benefit from more than one triangle. For instance, a baking aficionado might primarily use a separate space or set of equipment when they bake instead of cooking. In this case, a second triangle that consists of these tools might make the entire kitchen more efficient. 

3. Account for Traffic. Today's kitchens are often centers for much more activity than just preparing meals. Family members may work on homework or office work. It may serve as a pass-through for backyard traffic. Or perhaps it's an open floor plan with access to multiple zones. Whatever the reason, all that extra traffic can make the work triangle difficult. You may want to reposition the triangle to minimize the effects of other users. 

4. Widen the Triangle. While the work triangle shouldn't be too large — so it doesn't become inefficient — you may want it a little wider than it used to be. The primary reason is that more people tend to be involved in cooking and baking at the same time than in the past. Triangles in older homes are often designed for just one cook, so widen the space for comfort if you share the kitchen. 

5. Use Your Island. Larger open kitchens often use an island these days. But an island can easily get in the way of a good work triangle. Instead of letting it be an obstacle, use the island as part of your triangle. You might place the sink or stovetop on the island, for instance. This way, the triangle remains efficient and you can still get your beautiful island. 

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Want more tips for crafting a functional and comfortable kitchen work triangle? Start by meeting with a kitchen designing contractor in your area today.

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