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Exploring Different Types Of Wood Kitchen Cabinets

When remodeling your home, the kitchen should be one of your top priorities. Many homeowners tend to focus on wood cabinets because they improve the kitchen's aesthetics. The type of wood kitchen cabinet you choose will vary depending on your lifestyle. However, you should consider the durability and strength of the wood. Here are some popular choices for wood kitchen cabinets.

Cherry Wood Cabinets  

Although cherry wood isn't hardwood, it is durable. These cabinets are loved for their naturally dark color. However, some types vary between pale red and deep yellow. Many people avoid cherry wood because it is expensive. The truth is the high price reflects the wood's lifetime value. Cherry wood seldom dents or chips. Additionally, these cabinets absorb most stains, making them low maintenance.

Maple Wood Cabinets

Maple is naturally pale. You may also find maple wood cabinets that are creamy white. Some maple varieties include reddish streaks. Also, you may find some maple wood cabinets with curling grain, bird's eye dots, or mineral streaking. Maple is durable and ideal for modern kitchens because it absorbs stains well and is available in various colors.

Birch Wood Cabinets

Birch is a hardwood with wavy, curly, or straight grains. These types of cabinets have a high shock resistance that withstands stains. The color of birch wood varies from light yellow to cream. However, the wood at the center of the tree has a dark reddish-brown color. Birch is versatile and can be used in any setting, from a casual space to a more limited room.

Oak Wood Cabinets

Oak wood can either be red or white. Red oak is inexpensive, strong, and durable. This wood type has thick grain patterns and is commonly used for custom-made, semi-custom, and stock cabinets. White oak is stronger than its red counterpart. It is also durable and comes with a subtler grain and more golden tones. This wood type is suited for custom-made cabinetry.

Walnut Wood Cabinets

Walnut wood has fine and straight grains. Walnut cabinets are known to resist water without being damaged. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance of these cabinets is easy. If you want the wood's natural grain to shine, you can stain it with a light color. You can also achieve a classic look by staining the wood with a dark color.

When choosing the appropriate wood type for your kitchen cabinets, identify your preferences and budget limit. Remember to consider the grain, color, and construction process. For best results, ensure you hire a contractor experienced in wood kitchen cabinetry.

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