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2 Advantages Quartz Has Over Granite For Your New Custom Countertops

As part of the remodeling plan for your kitchen, you may have decided to completely replace the countertops. While looking at various construction and design options, you may be on the fence about whether to choose granite or quartz as the base material.

Especially if you plan on having custom countertops made to fit your kitchen cabinets that also have maximum functionality, you may want to consider quartz. Besides being easier to maintain, there are a couple of advantages quartz has over granite when it comes to the construction of new custom countertops for your kitchen's remodeling project.

1. Quartz Construction Allows for a Wider Variety of Styles and Colors than Granite Countertops

One advantage that quartz has over granite is that quartz's unique construction allows for a wider variety of styles, colors, and patterns. While granite does come in different colors and styles, the countertops are slabs of rock that are cut and molded into shape, which can limit you somewhat for style choices.

However, quartz countertops are a combination of crushed quartz minerals and resin. Because they are mixed together, countertops made from quartz are available in more color combinations, styles, and patterns than their granite counterparts.

2. Quartz Is Harder, More Durable, and More Resistant to Bacterial Contamination than Granite

Another advantage to having quartz countertops instead of granite is that quartz is a harder and more durable material that does not require as much maintenance as its granite counterparts. While granite is hard, it is also porous, which makes it more prone to bacterial contamination if it is not treated and coated every few years.

However, the surfaces of quartz countertops are nonporous, making them easier to clean and more resistant to bacterial contamination without having to spend time and money treating them every few years. The combination of the resin and minerals that make up quartz countertops also makes the material less likely to crack or break.

If you are looking for a countertop material that requires less maintenance and is more durable than granite, you may want to consider quartz. Not only is quartz harder, nonporous, and more resistant to bacterial contamination, but its mixture of minerals and resin allows for a wider variety of styles, colors, and patterns to match your kitchen's design scheme. For more information, contact a remodeling business that offers custom countertops to speak with a representative. 

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