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Making A Statement: Bold Trends In Bathroom Remodeling

You deserve to have a functional and stylish space, and the bathroom is no exception. With the rise in popularity of home renovation projects, more homeowners are taking it upon themselves to bring their bathrooms up to the next level. 

This article highlights some bold and inspirational ideas that can elevate your bathroom's style and functionality.

Black and White Tiling

For ages, black and white tiles have been a timeless classic and will always remain elegant and stylish. It never goes out of fashion and never fails to impress. The unmistakable beauty of black and white tiles is precisely what makes them ideal for bathroom renovations.

Whether you opt for a traditional or modern design, you can never go wrong with black tiles, white tiles, or a combination of both. You could get a bold monochromatic theme or introduce pops of color like bright pink, green, or blue with accessories such as towels or floral arrangements.

Soaking Tubs

The age of elaborate bathtubs is here. A large, freestanding soaking tub can be a statement piece for your bathroom. It can serve as both decorative and functional, and you can choose a material such as copper, stone, or porcelain, depending on your style preferences.

Apart from its aesthetic appeal, a soaking tub can serve as a form of self-care, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate in privacy. You could even add a few luxury touches with bubble baths and scented candles to make your experience even more special.


Well-chosen wallpaper can liven up any space and make it feel more personalized. In the past, putting wallpaper in the bathroom wasn't a common practice due to humidity concerns.

However, thanks to technological advances, a whole variety can hold up in steam and dampness. The use of organic patterns, bold hues, or metallic finishes can make your bathroom feel more inviting and provide an escape from the sterile and utilitarian aesthetic commonly associated with bathrooms.

Geometric Tiles

Geometry is making a comeback in home decor, and tiles with geometric shapes can create an impactful look. You could choose from various shapes, sizes, and colors to create an eye-catching floor or wall feature.

For instance, you could go with a classic herringbone pattern or add a pop of color by creating a mosaic effect. Geometric tiles are an excellent way to break up the monotony of a bathroom with their distinctive shape and texture.

Bathroom remodeling should be an opportunity to make a statement and elevate your space to a whole new level. Whether you opt for black and white tiles, soaking tubs, wallpaper, or geometric tiles, these bold trends are sure to add drama and personality to your bathroom. Remember to have fun with the process and consider your style preferences and practical needs. 

To get started, contact a professional bathroom remodeling service in your area.

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