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Top Things To Know The First Time You Have Your Windows Replaced

The first time you need to have your home's windows replaced, you might feel a little overwhelmed. Indeed, this is quite a big and extensive project. The good news is that window replacement contractors will do the actual work, and they usually give great recommendations when it comes to window styles and features, too. Still, there are some key things you will want to know before you have your windows replaced for the first time.

Vinyl and Composite Are Your Top Choices

There are replacement windows with sashes made from aluminum, wood, and even fiberglass. These materials have their places, but in almost all cases, you are best off with either vinyl or composite windows. Vinyl and composite do not need to be painted, scraped, stained, or otherwise maintained. They do not rot or corrode, and they are quite sturdy against wind, rain, and the elements. Vinyl tends to be a bit cheaper, but composite is a bit more durable and lasts longer. Use that to guide your choice between the two materials.

You Don't Have to Use the Same Window Style

There are double-hung windows, which slide up and down in the frame. There are casement windows, which hinge open like doors. Then, there are sliding windows that open to the side, and awning windows that open like an awning. You can choose whichever window styles you prefer for your window replacement. Your windows do not all need to be the same type, either. Just know that if you do switch window styles, your window contractors may need to do a little more work, which may add to the labor costs.

Installation Is Very Important

The way that windows are installed affects how well they open, how efficient they are, and how long they last. So, it is almost always a good idea to have your windows professionally installed. And it is worth shopping around for a good installer. If an installer offers a warranty on their work, that tends to be a good sign. This warranty will be in addition to the warranty on the physical windows. Sometimes it is advertised as a "warranty on labor."

With this information, you should be better prepared to have your windows replaced. Find a window replacement company near you, and reach out to them. They can tell you more about the brands they install and their process. If you like what you hear, then you can schedule a quote.

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