Home Remodeling Crash Course: What I Learned the Hard Way

Outside The Box Things Roofing Contractors Can Do For Homeowners

While most people only think of roofing companies when they find themselves in need of a replacement roof, there are many other skills these talented professionals bring to the table. Homeowners or prospective home buyers would do well to consider hiring a roofing contractor for any of the following reasons. Whole House Fan Installation Whole house fans are different from your average attic fan and can add value and comfort to your home — not to mention save homeowners large sums of money on cooling costs each year. Read More 

You Can’t Go Wrong With Quartz Countertops For These Reasons

With so many options for kitchen countertops, you'll need some help narrowing down your material choice. Here are some reasons to select quartz countertops that you'll be sure to enjoy for many years to come. Consistent Look What makes natural stone material so difficult to shop around for is that every piece is unique. For example, one slab of granite is not going to look like another slab in some ways, which means it takes a lot of browsing to find the right type of natural stone for you. Read More 

4 Bookshelf Ideas To Add More Features To Your Home When You Have Custom Cabinets Installed

When you have custom cabinets installed in your home, there are many options that can create an attractive design. Cabinetry can also include built-in features like an entertainment center and bookshelves for different areas of your home. The following bookshelf ideas will help with the improvements you want to do to your home when you have custom cabinetry installed:  Adding Narrow Drawers That Are Built into Your Bookshelf Shelves  Read More 

Make Cooking Extra Enjoyable With Kitchen Remodeling

While cooking inside your home's kitchen, you may find that you do not have the greatest experience. This might happen because of the room's limitations, which is something that you can fix as a homeowner, especially when you are willing to hire a kitchen remodeling contractor. If your primary goal is to make it more enjoyable to cook in the kitchen, you will want to make a few changes to the space to help you accomplish this goal. Read More 

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For Small Spaces: Four Options To Consider

When it comes to small kitchens, maximizing the available cabinet space is essential. With the help of your remodeling contractor, you can choose a kitchen cabinet layout that makes the most sense for your space. Here are just some of the many ideas to consider.  Corner Drawers Corner cabinets can sometimes feature awkward shapes, which can make keeping your space organized more challenging. Long shelves that extend far beyond your reach or super-slim cabinets that can't hold much of anything are some examples. Read More 

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Home Remodeling Crash Course: What I Learned The Hard Way

One of the most challenging times for me as a homeowner was when my family was growing but my house was not. We were quickly running out of room and things felt cramped. That's when I started looking into the possibility of remodeling the house to add a couple of extra bedrooms and expand the living area. I had no idea how complex the process would be or what was involved, but I learned a lot along the way. Now that the work is done, I have created this site to help teach others what I didn't know going into the plans. I hope that the information here empowers you and makes your upcoming remodeling project easier.


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